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W5 Group Commits $500 Million Equity to Build Up Innovative Living Portfolio in U.S. Gateway Cities

W5 acquires 500+ beds in Washington, D.C. | October 3, 2019

W5 Group, Ralph Winter’s Miami-based family office, is pleased to announce the expansion of its “Innovative Living” portfolio with the injection of an additional $500 million in capital and the subsequent acquisition of more than 500 beds in Washington, D.C.

Innovative Living has emerged as one of the most exciting opportunities in the real estate industry today, driven in part by the proliferation of the sharing and innovation economies. As millennials and Gen Z continue to place greater emphasis on experience than ownership — and as the lines between living, working, and playing become increasingly blurred — W5 Group is rising to meet nascent real estate needs with pioneering residential and hospitality properties. The firm’s investments reflect the rising demand among younger generations for highly attractive, “Instagrammable” spaces that offer curated and organic social events, providing the community experience that many crave in otherwise impersonal city environments. Meanwhile, for landlords, these properties offer the ability to cultivate a desirable environment, generate strong demand, and achieve higher yield per foot than traditional leases.

The most recent expansion of W5 Group’s Innovative Living Portfolio saw the firm acquire a majority interest in The Highline at Union Market, a 315,000-square foot mixed-use building in Washington, D.C.’s up-and-coming Union Market neighborhood. This pioneering building is the first in D.C. to offer residents the flexibility to choose between co-living and private rental accommodations while enjoying the benefits of a cohesive living community. All residents will enjoy state-of-the-art amenities such as a high-end fitness center, co-working lounge, expansive rooftop, and an infinity pool overlooking the Capitol. The building, which will feature high-end design and art selections, will also offer curated weekly events for residents. Meanwhile, with its diverse selection of food experiences and attractive retail spaces, the surrounding neighborhood exemplifies the tenants’ desire for a true 24/7, live-work-play environment.

Innovative Living concepts that are of interest to W5 Group include micro-living, co-living and next-generation hospitality projects that place strong emphasis on modern design, as well as community and experience.
Ralph Winter, principal of W5 Group, said: “Based on the technologically and secular-driven lifestyle changes, Innovative Living presents a particularly compelling opportunity. Youngers generations are increasingly drawn to urban living and authentic, shared experiences. While Innovative Living may currently be an emerging trend, we believe it will quickly develop into a mature asset class. We are happy to be seen as first mover, and plan to build up a multi-billion portfolio across over the U.S.”