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W5 Group prioritizes ESG principles to build lasting value, understanding that sustainable practices benefit the environment, the community and the company´s long-term success.

ESG Approach

W5 Group’s ESG strategy is founded on the conviction that integrating ESG principles into our business and investment decisions can yield enduring value for our clients, partners and society.

While our main objective is fulfilling our fiduciary responsibility for sustainable, positive investment returns, real estate provides distinctive opportunities to align with environmental and social objectives. We collaborate with partners to evaluate and integrate relevant elements into our properties.

Exemplary Initiatives Across Our Projects

Green building standards

  • LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certified
  • Energy Star Rating: Statement of Energy Performance
  • NGBS (National Green Building Standard) Certified
  • FGBC: Florida Green Building Coalition Certified

Sustainable initiatives

  • Best Buddies Living
  • Affordable Housing: Co-living & Inclusionary zoning Units

Non-Profit Partnerships

  • PowermyLearning
  • Youth Against AIDS
  • Best Buddies International

Community Wellbeing focus

  • State of the Art Amenities
  • Green Spaces
  • Holistic Programming
  • Convenient access to public transportation and parks within walking distance

Best Buddies Living at W5’s Projects

Ralph Winter, a dedicated Best Buddies board member, has established a longstanding partnership with Best Buddies International. Through this collaboration, W5 Group has successfully introduced the Best Buddies Living program across its extensive portfolio.

This transformative initiative is specifically crafted to nurture an inclusive environment, fostering meaningful connections between individuals with and without Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD).

The goal is to empower all participants to become engaged, contributing citizens. The program centers around the promotion of independent living within a vibrant and supportive community, creating a space where individuals can not only learn but also grow and thrive.

Celine Winter

Celine Winter

Celine Winter from W5 Group’s ESG Team ensures all initiatives meet the standard of our corporate ethos. With a Master of Science in Sustainability from the University of Miami she is dedicated to integrating sustainable practices seamlessly into our operations, fostering a holistic approach that aligns with both W5 Group’s business goals and environmental stewardship.

“I believe in the transformative power of sustainability in Real Estate. At W5 Group, we shape a future where ESG initiatives provide a robust foundation for creating enduring value in housing, not just for today, but for generations to come.”